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Back To School Tips

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Gold Star Finance loves to make loans to good people like you, so be sure to visit us for the money you need for back to school shopping and organizing your home.

We make loans  FAST and for ANY purpose! There’s no better way to get MONEY for the new school year - or other financial needs - than with a visit to Gold Star Finance. We are ready to make YOU a loan for back to school needs. Don't forget to purchase during Tax Free Weekend And Save! In 2016, Texas shoppers get a break from state and local sales taxes on Aug. 5 - 7 — the state's annual tax holiday.

Back to school items are already popping into the stores this weekend after the 4th of July holiday. School supplies, lunch boxes, book bags, clothes, hair style specials are ready to go. Lists of city school supplies will be out by the end of the week, and  Gold Star wants you to start the school year off right by looking at the back to school home organizing tips. It's not that far off really depending on your first day date in your city. So let's get started:

You can start this week, in fact right now by printing off this list below. This list may not all apply to you and your family; however it may inspire more ideas that will work for you and your family. School can start smoothly with a little planning.

Back To School Tips:

  1. Create A Family Bulletin Board: Set up a family bulletin board to keep things organized throughout the week, monthly activites, and special save the date events.
  2. Set Up A Homework Station: Designate a place in the home as a homework station where the kids can sit down and focus to get it all done.
  3. Set Up An After-school Snack Station: Before they come rushing into the door to eat you out of house and home, create a designated snack station to pick from to avoid spoiling their dinner appetite.
  4. Purchase & Assign A Location For School Cubbies: Use sturdy boxes to make cubbies for the kids. This can be a place where they can have their backpacks, homework supplies and even shoes ready for the next morning.
  5. Purchase A Cabinate Or File For Important Papers: Create a filing cabinet before the year starts of important school papers from throughout the year. You can make one section for important papers that need immediate attention and then another for special papers you want to keep (like art projects, camps, science projects).
  6. Create AHair Station: Set up a designated hair station to make finding hair clips, elastics, bands and hair ties easier the mornings before school.
  7. Designate A Place For Lunch Money: Turn blank envelopes into Lunch Money envelopes, where you can clearly write where the money goes when the kids get to school.
  8. Organize Clothes & Weekday Outfits: Get the printables for these weekday tags to separate their clothes for each day.
  9. School Supplies Caddy Next To The Homework Station: Set up a caddy filled to the brim with extra school supplies. Buy big lots on sale  so if they run out at school they can replenish them at home.
  10. Place A Hook As Backpack Station: Use your mudroom or hang hooks on the wall near the door where the kids can place their backpacks as soon as they get home.
  11. Place Daily Reminders on the Door: Put magnets or sticky notes or a cork board with pins on the back of the front door so you don’t forget anything on your way out.
  12. Plan Ahead A Place For Late Night School Projects: Don’t stress the night before a project, by stocking up on project supplies during the back-to-school sales. Keep them stashed away in a special place.
  13. Pre-plan School Days Checklist: Print out these checklists to keep everything in order for each day, week, and month the kids are in school.
  14. Checking as You Go: Set up a list of homework required for each day. Pull out the materials for the first subject and when that is done, she or he puts it away immediately. This keeps things from getting lost or left out of the backpack. They can be added to the backpack when the kids leave.
  15. Box Summer Clothes & Organize Space: To make room for all the new clothes, start by putting some of your summer clothes away for the winter.
  16. Create Family Calendars: Make a calendar page or whiteboard to function as a family calendar so that everyone knows what is happening during the week.
  17. Science & Art Projects: Keep a few art projects on display and fill a bin with the other ones. These can accumulate all year and over the summer you can sort back through and decide.
  18. DIY Key Holder: Purchase an age suitable key ring for a purse, wallet, or wearable around the neck. Hang it by the door and should prevent loss.
  19. Create A Returns & Borrowed Basket: Set a basket  near the door for stuff the kids have borrowed from other friends, the library, or equipment needed for sports activities etc.
  20. Create A Cabinet Organizer for Supplies: Fill with school supplies that you have at home, or store larger items needed for tryouts, special projects and etc.

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