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Gold Star - Summer Fun

Gold Star 3 Day Weekends

Yea! Gold Star Finance believes summer is here. The temps are getting hot, and it's time to join the fun. You can get out your comfey outdoor chairs, coolers, maps, tents, and floatees and all those summer fun items that you need to participate in all that summer fun.

3- Day Weekends are very popular this summer. Even if they don't come on a weekend or a Holiday. Texas has Big Summer Fun, and 2016 Texas size pleasure that can be natural and man made.

Gold Star Finance says "Choose Your Summer Fun"

If a long vacation is not possible this year, then consider the 3 - Day Weekend. The family mini vacation means head for that favorite family fun location like the closest Water Park and leave a little room in the suitcase for bring backs. Enjoy the immediate thrill of leaving behind bills, chores, commutes, and all work related items for some beautiful rays. Full speed ahead for hikes, bikes, swimming, zipping, tubing, horseback riding, camping, boating, skiing and anything else you remember about how to enjoy yourself. Check out all those camp sites, and remember it's all about the Fun!!

Three days isn't long enough to require a lot of planning, but it's not short enough to be not planning for. Keep the focus on the fun, and daydream of what suits your fancy this summer. Palo Duro Canyon, Dallas Aborateum, Hill Country, Brats by way of your favorite campfire cooking tables, train rides, belts, cover ups and beautiful sussies from Terlingua are just a few things you may want to consider.

If you haven't a clue yet the where will be the best fun, the go google summer fun in Texas and start the list process. Sit down with the family and friends if they want to share in your fun and begin to chat about what location offers the best options for you this year. It really doesn't matter where you go does it, as long as you are all together, and can celebrate one more great Texas Summer Fun in the outing of your choice...Have Fun!

"Gold Star gets no complaints from me. It is the best place to get a loan and the staff are wonderful. "
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