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"Very Good Service - Every staff member is friendly. I've used several other companies and none were as pleasant as the staff here at Gold Star"
MJM - San Antonio, TX

Gold Star Finance Location

Bay City*

Gold Star Finance of Texas
Bay City, TX

2144 Avenue F
Bay City, TX 77414

Phone: 979-245-6676
Fax: 979-245-2702

* Se habla español aquí.

Bay City became such a livable community,take a trip back in time to its founding in 1894 by visiting the Matagorda County museum,visitors to the museum learn Bay City is actually named for its location on Bay Prairie,between the bottom-lands of the Colorado River and Caney Creek.

By 2000 Bay City population was 18,667 with 890 businesses.The growth continues at a steady pace today.You will also find a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor activities in Bay City . The Colorado river flows through Bay City and Matagorda Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, in between and all around Bay City are parks,waterways and other nature areas that makes Bay City truly the gateway to the great outdoors of South Texas.

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